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Who Keeps the Comedy Pending?

Aaron Seroussi - Host

 What can we say about Aaron that hasn't already been whispered in hushed tones in the halls of congress? Forever comedian and sometimes funny, he's what makes this comedy...pending.

Photo of Jerod. I guess.

Jerod Robert Espinosa-Setchko - Host

 Jerod is an aspiring comedian, poet, DM, Improvisor, singer and rapper in Austin, Texas. His signature joke is drinking a cup of water then spitting the water back into the cup. It's not funny at all and you best not ask about it. Also single. 

John Looke - Producer

This fine young stunner is John Looke, his talent is as large as his biceps (trust me that's huge). Without John we wouldn't have this podcast so you better fucking show him your respect. John Looke has mixed hundreds if not millions of albums for various rappers. He's single ladies 


Dizzy Gillespie

"That shit is tight"

"I love this podcast!"


Aaron's mom

"The best part is when Aaron talks"